SCOTUS Green Lights Evictions

August 28, 2021

Millions of Americans fear eviction after the Supreme Court rejected the Biden administration’s latest federal eviction moratorium on Thursday, posing a fresh and unwanted difficulty for a White House already dealing with domestic and foreign challenges.

As the Delta variant of the coronavirus spreads and Democrats fail to assemble enough votes to approve a new eviction ban, the court’s decision has thrown President Biden back into the heart of a fight to help protect individuals from being evicted.

There are few easy fixes in the absence of legislation. The administration is battling to provide billions of dollars in federal money to people who have fallen behind on their rent due to the pandemic’s economic hardship.

The rush to find a solution comes after the Supreme Court released an eight-page majority judgment Thursday evening, saying the CDC had overstepped its power in acting to prevent landlords from evicting renters during a public health emergency.

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